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The BTH Program supports BTH counsellors to provide counselling to individuals, families and communities affected by past practices regarding the forced removal of children from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families. There are 100 BTH counsellor positions nationally, situated within Aboriginal community-controlled health services that are run by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities..


BTH counsellors provide counselling to Indigenous individuals, families and communities affected by the forced removal of children. BTH counsellors have a broad clientele as they respond to the needs of those removed, those who were left behind, and the children, grandchildren and relatives of all those affected by family separation practices.


Bringing Them Home & Link Up Counseling Programs. Link Up Program. The Social & Emotional Wellbeing Regional Centre Program.

Link Up Program provides support guidance and assistance to trace locate and reunite clients with their families. The core activities of the Link Up Service are; Community Contact; Dissemination of information. Initial contact discussions; Client assessment for Link Up Services; Advice on family history and search avenues;